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This website is part of the study on the implementation of the 23 DAE actions under the responsibility of Member States. The study was commissioned by the European Commission and is carried out by the consortium of Deloitte Consulting and Tech4i2.

Nine Member States have been selected for a close study (DE, DK, EE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, UK). Based on the information collected by the study team from each country a country report will be made and then presented on the project's website.

Other Member States are strongly encouraged to submit information on their progress on DAE actions via this website.

The website is also open to external contribution, with the possibility to upload relevant initiatives for each of the DAE action as well as to see other published initiatives.

It permits to browse the content by information on theme, action and Member State progress.

Open source platform

You can download the source code of this platform (tar.gz, ~ 6.3Mb).

Final Report

The final report presenting the study results is already available. (PDF, ~ 3Mb).