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Action 67 in Austria flag Austria

Member states to implement provisions on disability in Telecoms Framework and AVMS

Indicator Status Evidence
Were the Telecoms Framework and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS) implemented? Yes
Were the disability provisions in Telecoms Framework implemented? Yes The provisions of the EU Telecommunications framework were implemented in to national Austrian law with an amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG). § 1 TKG (purpose) states besides a lot of other points that regulatory measures are designed to serve the following objectives: ensuring that all users derive maximum benefit in terms of choice, price and quality - with special attention to the interests of users with disabilities, elderly persons and persons with special social needs. Within the Telecommunications Act disability provisions can be found in different sections. For example: § 17 - Service quality - Operators have the obligation to publish Information about measures taken to ensure equivalence in access to publicly available telecommunications services for users with disabilities. § 17 (2) empowers the Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology to issue an ordinance, which may prescribe measures to enable users with disabilities to use telecommunications services to the same extent as users without disabilities. Concerning Subscriber directory and directory enquiry services (§ 18) operators of a publicly available telephone service shall inter alia provide access to operator and help services. Emergency calls (§ 20): Operators of public telephone networks or operators which provide a communications service which includes outgoing calls to telephone numbers under the Austrian numbering plan must ensure that users with disabilities are also able to make calls to all emergency numbers. In accordance with any ordinances issued pursuant to §17 (2), operators of emergency call services have to ensure that users with disabilities have access to services which is equivalent to that of the majority of other end-users. Quality of Universal Service (§ 27): In considering the definition of the obligatory (ordinance) equipment/accessibility and share of public payphones, the needs of end-users, including users with disabilities, have to be taken into account. The preparatory work for a Regulation according to § 17 (2) TKG has already been initiated. Unfortunately there is no official English text of the Austrian Telecommunications act available. An unofficial translation can be found on the website of the Austrian NRA (
Were the disability provisions in AVMS directive implemented? Yes See §§ 30 and 31 Audiovisual Media Service Act. See § 16 Private Radio Broadcasting Act. See §§ 5, 10, 13, 21 ORF-Act.
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