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Member States to implement Malmö and Granada declarations

Indicator Status Evidence
Does your legislation encourage the use of open specifications and common standards across public administrations? Yes On the basis of article 91c of the Basic Law, an Agreement between the Federal state and the Länder lays down the legal foundation for collaboration between the administrations of the Federal state and the Länder with regard to the use of information technology:;jsessionid=6AD50B2A37EF68101277B42354F5251A.2_cid094?__blob=publicationFile
Does your legislation encourage interoperability between public administrations? No Not as such, as no governance structure in place to ensure that there is interoperability between national administrations, however the 'Deutschland-Online Project' aims to create a situation where data can be easily exchanged between Federal Government, federal states and municipalities in a consistent and across all levels, see:
Are you using open source software? Yes Open source software use in the German government is supported through an initiative called Competences Center Open Source Software, see country report p. 2:

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