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Member States to implement harmful content alert hotlines

Indicator Status Evidence
Is there a fully implemented hotline in the Member State? Yes Under the umbrella site there are various hotlines, the project is co-funded by the EU. E.g. and
Is this hotline supported by law-enforcement? Yes Memorandum of understanding with the Federal Criminal Police Office - The German hotlines (, FSM, eco) and the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) officially signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).
Are there awareness raising campaigns on online safety for children organised in the Member States? Yes is the German project that aims to raise awareness and promote the correct use of the internet and new media plateformes. Various campaigns have been run including 'Where is Klaus?' starting in 2005 to raise public awareness, see:
Has the Member State taught online safety in schools? Yes The klicksafe website offers a teaching internet safety handbook for teachers and raising awareness for teachers about internet safety, see: In addition a Commission report 2011 on ICT learning and innovation in schools in Europe notes that Germany has made ICT learning part of its national curriculum, see p.39 - Key Data on Learning and Innovation through ICT at School in Europe 2011, European Commission
Has the Member State encouraged providers of online services to implement self-regulatory measures regarding online safety for children? Yes Germany has taken steps to encourage service providers to self-regulate by allowing providers to rate websites, online games and videos as well as the provision of a 'certified youth protection software', see p. 4:

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