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Member States to facilitate broadband investment

Indicator Status Evidence
Have any measures to streamline planning or administrative procedures been introduced to improve broadband investment conditions? Yes "On 10 March 2009, The Federal Network Agency (FNA) announced plans to help facilitate DTs competitors to supply broadband services in rural areas with little or no coverage. Under the terms of this decision, DT must allow access to subscriber line and master street cabinets erected by DT in locations with inadequate broadband access. In October 2010, the German government released the Deutschland Digital 2015 IT strategy, the second phase of its National Broadband Strategy which was published in February 2009. The German government has set the aim to provide 75 per cent of the country’s households with high speed broadband of at least 50Mbps by 2014. The government also has plans to set up a second High Tech Start-Up Fund in 2012, with the aim of funding technology-focused companies less than a year old."
Do you have an operational national mapping of retail broadband coverage at different speeds? Yes The following website contains maps of the availability of broadband and the speeds at which it is available in the different Länder.
Have civil infrastructure initiatives been developed to entice new market entrants? -
Has the digital dividend spectrum (790 - 862MHz) been repurposed for mobile broadband and assigned to operators? Yes The 800MHz spectrum was awarded in Germany in May 2010 in a combined auction with spectrum in the 1800MHz, 2.1GHz and 2.6GHz bands, resulting in a total of 360MHz of spectrum being auctioned together. Source: aetha case study report, see:

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