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Action 38 in Greece flag Greece

Member States to establish pan-European Computer Emergency Response Teams

Indicator Status Evidence
Has a national or governmental CERT been established? Yes National Authority Against Electronic Attacks (NAAEA) The mission of the National Authority Against Electronic Attacks is to attend to the prevention, as well as the passive and active encounter, of electronic attacks against communication networks, data storage facilities and IT systems. In addition, the Authority is responsible for processing the data and notifying the authorities. Responsibilities of NAAEA: • NAAEA is the agency responsible for protecting mainly the Public Sector along with the Critical National Infrastructures, as established by Law 3469/2008 and Presidential Decree 126/2009. • NAAEA utilizes the appropriate equipment and is staffed by the scientific personnel necessary for its operation, the implementation of the strategic policy decisions pertaining to the encountering of threats and/or attacks and finally the collection, processing and dissemination of the relevant information. FORTH CERT • FORTH CERT is the Computer Incident Response Team of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH). It is a full-member CERT of FIRST and also enjoys an Accredited TI Status from TF-CSIRT. Its constituency ranges from FORTH members and Greek public sector organizations, to commercial organizations. Among others, FORTH CERT is responsible for the protection of the Greek domain name registry [.gr], which is also operated by FORTH. GRNET-CERT The GRNET-CERT is the CERT of the Greek Research Network. It has an Accredited TI Status from TF-CSIRT.
Is the CERT fully operational? Yes
Does the CERT participate in international CERT communities/initiatives? Yes FORTH CERT: • FIRST full-member • Accredited TI Status from TF-CSIRT GRNET-CERT: • Accredited TI Status from TF-CSIRT

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