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Member States to set up national alert platforms

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the Member State set up a national alert platform? Yes The national alert platform is the Safeline Internet hotline, which receives reports from the public on illegal Internet content and activity and forwards alerts to the Greek cyber crime police unit, the international network of hotlines through the INHOPE European network of hotlines, as well as other responsible bodies in Greece, like the Hellenic Data Protection Authority which deals with personal data violation, the Hellenic Authority for Communication Protection and Privacy, dealing with breaching communication privacy, etc.
Does it serve as a one-stop-shop for the public who can play an active role in reporting illicit online activity? Yes SafeLine does play an active role in reporting illegal Internet content and activity. The public can report illegal Internet activity through an online form available from the hotline’s site (, email, telephone, SMS, and through a downloadable Android Application. A recent survey demonstrated that more than 50% of the Greek public is aware of the existence and the mission of SafeLine.
Does it compile statistics on alerts, thus tracking the development of cybercrime at national level? Yes SafeLine compiles statistics on a monthly basis for the reports it receives. The reports are classified into different categories according to the official classification of INHOPE, the European association of hotline providers. The statistics are entered into INHOPE’s site on a monthly basis, thus contributing to the international statistics collected from INHOPE. Furthermore, cumulative statistic reports are published in SafeLine’s website.

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