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Member States to mainstream eLearning in national policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Is e-learning present in national programmes and action plans? Yes The development of the digital literacy and the ICT skills, the use of information society technology is specified as an important aim in the Digital Renewal Action Plan 2010-2014, under the point Embedding ICT in K12 Education and the Scaling up the Use of Multimedia e-Learning as a Tool. All the action plans of the major EU-funded educational programmes are also referring to the aims mentioned above.
Is e-learning present in national curricula? Yes The digital competence and all key competencies for lifelong learning recommended by the European Parliament and Council (2006/962/EC) are included in the National Core Curriculum, which is based on the Act CXC of 2011 on National Public Education (operative from December 20th, 2011). Digital competence is a development area of high-priority, a horizontal task.
Are there training initiatives (for teachers, enterprises) using eLearning tools on the national level? Yes There are many teacher training courses which are connected to the development of the digital competence. A big number of courses use e-learning tools, but there are no trainings which are mandatory for all teachers. Teachers are free to choose trainings from a wide range of courses offered by several teacher training companies/institutes. A priority program of the upcoming period is the Social Renewal Operational Programme 3.1.5 Support of teacher professional development, which aims to provide a CLMS system for teachers’ professional development, and to develop a number of blended learning-type professional development courses for teachers. Some of the planned courses will be connected to digital competences and ICT supported learning.
Are there dissemination initiatives for awareness raising in place? Yes All EU founded projects include dissemination activities during and after the development period. (Professional conferences, workshops, educational fairs, paper-based information materials, informing institutions directly.)
Are there national projects on creative classrooms and creative learning environments in place? Yes The Social Infrastructure Operational Programme 1.1.1 provides infrastructure for the digital switch of schools. The Social Renewal Operational Programme 3.1.1 supports the pedagogical, methodological reform which allows the use of innovative learning environments and methods. In the framework of this program the Sulinet learning environment and content database will be further developed. The Sulinet portal is free for the whole K12 sector. Several international projects enjoy the support of the Hungarian government and the government actively initiates the participation in such projects.

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