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Member States to double annual public spending on ICT research and development

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Have your ICT R&D expenditure risen by 10% or more per annum in public spending in last 3 available years? No However it is important to recognise the nature of the majority of competitive R&D funding (largely through D/Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation – via agencies such as Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and also through the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI), involve multi-annual awards commitments, typically spanning a 3 to 5 year period. ICT R&D is a core strategic element of national enterprise policy. Despite Ireland’s fiscal crisis the DJEI related R&D expenditure has remained largely intact over the past number of years because (a) strategic need to aid economy recovery (b) R&D commitments already entered given that awards are multi-annual in nature. There is a need to be absolutely clear as to the definition of ICT R&D. The research landscape (globally) is seeing a convergence across many scientific disciplines – so there can be a “blurring” of lines in some cases. Eg. What can be determined by some as ICT related R&D can quite easily be determined by others as Energy related.
Is ICT R&D a dedicated area in your Research and Development programme (either as a separate programme or a part of general R&D programme)? Yes (a) Science Foundation Ireland – see , which is the Ireland primary funder of competitive research grants, has 3 dedicated research pillars – one being ICT. (b) Under the Programme for Research in Third-level Institutions (see - there is a dedicated strand that is ICT related. (c) A significant portion of Enterprise Ireland’s R&D funding to industry and higher education institutions would be of relevance to ICT sector. See (d) Similarly a significant portion of the IDA Ireland’s client base, and with it some R&D expenditure annually are ICT companies [the top 10 Technology companies in the world each has a presence in Ireland]
Has the total ICT R&D spending (private and public) risen by 10% per annum in the last 3 available years? -
Have the number of ICT researchers grown by at least 10% per annum in the last available 3 years? No
Are there targeted allocations of Structural Funds on ICT R&D? Yes All of the PRTLI is EU ERDF co-funded under the 2007 – 2013 Operational Programme. Some SFI funded awards (circa 20) are also co-funded in this OP but limited to the BMW Region of Ireland. (such awards are primarily Life Science related at the NUI Galway but some are also ICT related.)

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