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Member States to implement harmful content alert hotlines

Indicator Status Evidence
Is there a fully implemented hotline in the Member State? Yes Cybercrime can be reported through: -"Commissariato di P.S. on Line”, service implemented by the Postal and Telecommunication Police. See -National Hotline online for reporting pedo-pornographic material. Il “Centro Giovani Online” was founded in 2004 from the collaboration between Adiconsum (consumers association) and Save the Children, in order to promote a responsible use of new media for minors Microsoft alert center
Is this hotline supported by law-enforcement? Yes See the above links
Are there awareness raising campaigns on online safety for children organised in the Member States? Yes -The television and web campaign “Posta con la testa” run by La7 national tv channel and all major Italian Social Networks. -Until August the 2012 a “Safer Internet Centre” operated in Italy to carry out the requests and instructions contained in the “Safer Internet” programme, in order to fight against the child pornography and to promote a safe use of the new media. In the framework of the same program a negotiation is ongoing for the constitution of a new “Safer Internet Centre” co-financed by the European Commission. At the same time, the Advisory Committee created under that program, which collects 52 organizations among ICT companies, traditional media, institutions, universities, is trying to continue its activities in this changing framework.
Has the Member State taught online safety in schools? Yes -Safer internet network tour in schools ( -Initiative “A scuola di Internet: conoscere per crescere" (Internet school: know for grow) organized by CISCO to 11.000 young people in primary and high school (
Has the Member State encouraged providers of online services to implement self-regulatory measures regarding online safety for children? Yes Self-regulatory code "Internet e minori" (Internet and Minors), published on the 5th of November 2003 and promoted by the Ministry of Communications, has been undersigned on the 19th of November 2003 by the Internet providers associations (AIIP, ANFoV, Assoprovider and Federcomin).

Other initiatives:

Insafe, European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe and responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people, has promoted many initiatives in Italy: publication of a parents’ guide on responsible mobile use distributed in 800.000 copies through national newspapers and magazines; the publication and distribution of 15.000 copies of the teachers guide on “New Media and Education”; the study "Connected Children: Italians pre-adolescents and New Media", which provides important knowledge on how children and young people behave online and on the mobile phone and about their relationship with new media. Moreover has been made available a lot on online education material

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