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Use structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks

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Are you using structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks? Yes Italy has been the first to use FEASR to this end, and has been the country which used it the most through a coordination of all the regions involving also the ministry of Agriculture and of Economic Development. Some regions have even extended the share of resources for broadband so as to erase the digital divide for rural areas. Also many funds Feasr were utilized. Moreover the action of Minister Barca in the Development and Cohesion Department provides 700 millions only for southern italy. On the top of that there is a strategic project for ultrafast broadband waiting from EC for agreement, which foresees 30 mega for the whole population and 100 mega for 50% of population by 2020. 500 millions are already available in southern regions, which will permit a coverage of 40-50% of population (according to the region) before 2015. For the realization of this plan it will be crucial to set up a register of infrastructures, which is foreseen by Decree Digitalia
Will you achieve full allocation of your ERDF funds allocated to broadband deployment by 2013? Yes According to the interviewee.

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