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Member States to agree on common additional functionalities for smart meters

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Has the NRA (or country) conducted a cost benefit analysis on the roll-out of smart metering for electricity? No In 2001 Enel started to deploy smart meters throughout its low-voltage customer base, i.e. around 30 million meters, covering roughly 85% of the Italian household market. In 2006, the regulatory Authority, after monitoring Enel developments, set up a legal framework for smart metering along with a mandated roll-out, also setting minimum function-al requirements. The Authority, recognising that a smart meter could take an improvement in servicing a customer, meant to guarantee such a benefit on a non-discriminatory national base, without undertaking a formal CBA. More, the full roll-out had additional objectives than those at first place identified by Enel and consequently the requirements for smart meters had been up-dated (by the way Enel itself had to adapt its system to the new requirements). Smart meter systems had to be a tool to transfer the energy “price-signal” to end-customers and to influence their consumption behaviour by means of a time dependent pricing. Since 2009 Italy has been carrying out the widest Time-of-Use program worldwide indeed. This could have been done only by using smart metering on national base. The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and the European Regulators' Group for electricity and gas (ERGEG) EER_CONSULT/CLOSED%20PUBLIC%20 CONSULTATIONS/CUSTOMERS/Smart% 20metering/CD/C11-RMC-44-03_CBA%20 SM_2-Feb-2011.pdf DNV Kema Energy Consulting report Other sources: European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas International Conferederation of Energy Regulators
Does the Cost Benefit Analysis cover the 10 functionalities as per the European Commission Recommendations ? -
Was the Cost Benefit Analysis positive in relation to the above-mentioned functionalities ? -

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