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Action 38 in Latvia flag Latvia

Member States to establish pan-European Computer Emergency Response Teams

Indicator Status Evidence
Has a national or governmental CERT been established? Yes Information Technologies Security Incident Response Institution of the Republic of Latvia CERT.LV has been established on February 2011 by merging CERT NIC.LV established to provide security services and incident response for both academic and commercial customers and Computer Security Incident Response Team-DDIRV (
Is the CERT fully operational? Yes Law on the Security of Information Technologies, adopted on 28 October 2010,” to improve IT security by setting main requirements to guarrantee the obtaining of substantial services provided using IT.
Does the CERT participate in international CERT communities/initiatives? Yes EU, ENISA, NATO, FIRST, TF-CSIRT, CERT CC/CERT.ORG Forum for National Computer Security Incident Response Teams

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