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Member States to promote long-term e-skills and digital literacy policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Does an explicit strategy document exist? Yes Information Society Development Guidelines for 2006 – 2013 forms the bases for E-skills policy in Latvia setting the objective to provide citizens and businesses with preconditons to full access and use of the ICTs based information resources, as well as public services tailored to customers’ needs.“E-Skills Development Plan for 2011 -2013” serves as the tool to implement the objective defined in guidelines, defines specific action lines on practical e-skills development and promotion to contribute the information society development.
Is there funding for digital literacy/e-skills projects and programmes (including EU funding)? Yes Digital literacy/e-skills projects and programmes funding for is based on allocated state and municipal budgets, funded by private companies as well as finaced by EU instruments, i.e, European Social Fund, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. Please find the activities table in “E-Skills Development Plan for 2011 -2013” and project - ICTs for small and micro enterprises for raising competetiveness and productivity as an examples.
Are there special programmes encouraging women, older workers ethnic minorities and other target groups to use ICT? Yes Examples provided on: Project - Training of the ICT companies and Partners in using innovative technologies and business development provided by LIKTA: Training Programmes for unemployed provided by Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija (Baltic Computer Academy): E-skills project for Seniors provided by Lattelecom:
Are there special programmes targeting employees (especially older workers and SMEs)? Yes Example provided on: Project - ICTs for small and micro enterprises for raising competetiveness and productivity provided by Latvian ICT Association LIKTA:
Is ICT being integrated in classroom teaching and vocational training? Yes ICT are promoted basically in the General education system of Latvia, according to National standarts providing content development for basic vocational education, vocational secondary, vocational training, professional development. ICT has been integrated in classroom teaching in different Lessons, like Social Studies, Economics ect. as well as the basic ICT has been teached in the Informatics Lessons so far starting from Form 5. In the frame of ICT field in ESF sub-activity "Competence enhancement of teacher’s involved in vocational education" program trained 731 persons. EU project on "Vocational subject teachers and mentors of theoretical knowledge and practical competence promotion", Contract no. 2010/0043/1DP/ / VIAA/001 development of ICT skills developed two programs: "ICT competence promotion", which acquired 60 teachers and practice leaders and "teachers of the ICT sector of the theory and professional competence” in 2011. This program in 2011 launched 459 educators and practice managers. Started to operate an electronic registration system for training programs and learning of e-learning environment. Sub-activity projects realized within the development program design and implementation of training courses, electronic course registration system, and e-learning environment for teachers and students in Nature Science and Mathematics (4 projects are being implemented, one was completed in February 2012, 1st of March). In the frame of ESF Sub-activity "General secondary curriculum reform, school subjects, methodology and development of evaluation system" in the Latvian Language Agency there are realized the project (completed in January 2012) to improve teacher’s competence development and implementation of the following courses: Information Technology effective use of interactive teaching material, interactive electronic teaching materials creation using professional software Active Inspire, interactive technology solutions for minority education programms in Latvian language and literature of the subject of electronic kit, and the approbation of the efficient use of the learning process, as well as the Latvian language and literature in Forms 7., 8. and 9th. The Test task creation and diagnosis of pupils according to the interactive learning environment.
Are there programms offering ICT skills trainings in telecentres, public libraries and other informal environments? Yes Public Library Network encompasses 825 public libraries. The Global Libraries Initiative Project in Latvia also known as “Father’s third son” has implemented outstanding changes to reduce the digital divide and social exclusion of, in particular, the rural population in Latvia. The project has equipped all of Latvia’s 825 public libraries with PCs, software and free broadband internet connectivity as well as providing a comprehensive training programme for librarians. Since 2006, working in partnership with the government at both national and municipal levels, this project is the biggest culture-education-social project ever implemented in Latvia and has created unprecedented opportunities for everyone in Latvia to have free access to the internet and ICT training. Latvia@World network– gathers 31 training centres all over Latvia established in 2005 and covering all the regions of Latvia on the basis of agreement with Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association - LIKTA. Members of Latvia@World network – NGOs, Municipal Institutions, Educational Institutions providing life-long education as well as the private companies providing cost-based e-Skills and e-services trainings and certifications are certified for four different level trainings and several additional programmes and services. The number of up-to-date highly valuated training programs, online tools and other training materials has been developed by LIKTA within Latvia@World project. Training materials can be used for E-skills training for various knowledge levels and needs. Significant part of programs and materials are developed both − in Latvian and Russian languages.

Other initiatives:

Best Practice: Since 2010 Latvia takes active part in „European eSkills Week” with the aim to educate citizens in use of ICTs and digital media and particularly to attract young people to ICT education. Both in last and current year Latvia was announced as the most active player of eSkills week with more than 36000 participants -young people, students, entrepreneurs, ICT practitioners, local government workers, teachers, seniors, unemployed people, as well as those who had never used computer. More than 200 partners - local governments, libraries, schools, industry, ministries and other stakeholders organizes hundreds of events -workshops, debates, conferences, trainings, information campaigns as well as online events all over the Country. Activities within eSkills week are arganized on the basis of incentive of collaboration partners, demonstrating exellent cooperation in promoting digital competences. The main organizers of the campaign are the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in close cooperation with the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association.

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