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Action 38 in Lithuania flag Lithuania

Member States to establish pan-European Computer Emergency Response Teams

Indicator Status Evidence
Has a national or governmental CERT been established? Yes Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) was established within the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) on 02-10-2006 (EN version). According to the point 8.43 of the resolution No. 678 of Government of the Republic of Lithuania (in Lithuanian language) and to the Article 9.9 of the Law on Electronic Communications (In Lithuanian language), CERT-RRT is the National Lithuanian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-LT).
Is the CERT fully operational? Yes Rules on safety and integrity of the public electronic communications networks and services of the adopted by the Order No 1V-1013 Director of the Communications Regulatory Authority dated 21 October 2011 (in Lithuanian language).
Does the CERT participate in international CERT communities/initiatives? Yes CERT-LT participates in the activitites and initiatives of EU CERTs and ENISA (and its working groups Also, CERT-LT participates in internet and network safety communitities like FIRST and TRUSTED INTRODUCER

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