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Action 40 in Lithuania flag Lithuania

Member States to implement harmful content alert hotlines

Indicator Status Evidence
Is there a fully implemented hotline in the Member State? Yes Cyber police ( The hotline was established in Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) under the Project Safer Internet LT in 2007: (EN version). (EN version).
Is this hotline supported by law-enforcement? Yes Hotline became a member of INHOPE in May 2008. Reports are being accepted and processed according the operational procedures approved by the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior Affairs and Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics of the Republic of Lithuania. RRT has written agreements with these law enforcement bodies. (in English).
Are there awareness raising campaigns on online safety for children organised in the Member States? Yes Awareness raising campaigns on online safety for children are part of activities of Safer internet Center established under the project Safer Internet LT: (in English).
Has the Member State taught online safety in schools? Yes Safer Internet Day (SID) campaigns, e.g. SID 2012, are organized across the country where schools participated actively: (in Lithuanian language).
Has the Member State encouraged providers of online services to implement self-regulatory measures regarding online safety for children? Yes Largest telecommunications and internet service providers TEO and Omnitel are active partners of Safer Internet LT Project: (English version)

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