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Action 49 in Lithuania flag Lithuania

Member States to implement European Spectrum Policy Programme (ESPP)

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you made 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2,5-2,69 GHz and 3,4-3,8 GHz frequency bands available and authorised for 3rd and 4th generation mobile services use? Yes Mentioned frequencies are assigned for the use of 3rd and 4th generation mobile services. Information on authorisation of radio frequencies can be found on the website of the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT). Copies of authorisations can be found on the website as well. (in Lithuanian language).
Have you authorised (or plan to authorise in 2012) for use ("licensing") of the digital dividend (800 MHz band) for wireless broadband communication?? Yes IN TRANSPOSITION PROCESS. Model for the digital terrestrial television implementation in Lithuania adopted by the Resolution no. 1492 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on 25-11-2004 (points 5 and 6 foresee that frequency range 790 - 862MHz priority aim of the use is – wireless broadband services as it is mentioned in the European Commission decision 2010/267/ES (OL 2010 L 117, p. 95). Also, it is mentioned that frequency range 790 - 862MHz can be used for development of the digital terrestrial television services until agreements for the use of mentioned frequencies will be aligned with non-EU countires that borders with Lithuania. (in Lithuanian language).
Have you implemented the transfer or leasing of right of use in the harmonised bands? Yes Right to transfer or lease frequencies inscribed in the Article 57 of the Law on Electronic Communcations. (In Lithuanian language). Detailed provisions on transfer or lease of right of use can be found in the Rules on assignment and use of radio frequency channels adopted by the Order No 1V-8545 of the Director of the Communications Regulaotry Authority (RRT) (in Lithuanian language).

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