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Member States to engage in large-scale pilots financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme

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Do you participate in 3 or more pilot A projects? Yes Luxembourg is one of the project partners in both the STORK 2 and SPOCS large scale pilots. In this context, Luxembourg will eventually be able to offer “” personal spaces to non-residents who have an eID form another Member State (S-PEPS component of STORK) and enable them to access to their documents in a data space in their home country through standardised SPOCS connectors and containers. Interoperability between the national platform and those of other Member States will however be dependent on the existence of brokerage services (as envisioned in the context of SPOCS). Luxembourg is a member of the project e-Call as well.
Do you promote further deployment of CIP solutions (e.g. procurement standard, eID, etc.) in your national policies? Yes Luxembourg's National Contact Point for CIP ICT PSP, in cooperation with its key-partners from the ICT industry and from Research and Innovation, engages in an ongoing effort of awareness raising, information meetings, matchmaking and targeted projects partner search. The same efforts will be devoted further on to the CEF, Cosme, H2020 initiatives to come.

Other initiatives:

see point 2. above

External contribution

Luxembourg organisations are participating in ongoing CIP ICT PSP projects related to digital content, interoperable eGovernment services and innovative applications
Reported by Claudine Kariger (Media and communications department of the Ministry of State) - 3 Oct 2012

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