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Action 66 in Luxembourg flag Luxembourg

Member States to promote long-term e-skills and digital literacy policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Does an explicit strategy document exist? Yes eSkills are one of the key elements of Luxembourg’s Digital Agenda and more generally of the Luxembourg Government ICT program 2009-2014. Focus is made on ICT practitioners’ skills and e-Business skills, as well as digital literacy for all citizens.
Is there funding for digital literacy/e-skills projects and programmes (including EU funding)? No
Are there special programmes encouraging women, older workers ethnic minorities and other target groups to use ICT? Yes Le Gouvernement entend favoriser l’accès de tous aux nouvelles technologies de communication grâce au concours des instances communales, au contact direct avec les citoyens. A cette fin sont nées les Internetstuffen, des télécentres appelés à réduire le fossé numérique, en créant des lieux de rencontre qui combinent initiation aux nouvelles technologies et apprentissage de l’accès aux connaissances. L’Etat, via son ministère de la Fonction publique et de la Réforme administrative, encourage, notamment par un soutien financier, les cours dispensés dans les Internetstuffen au bénéfice d’un public adulte. L’organisation et la mise en place des formations sont assurées par les communes ou associations partenaires. Les cours proposés vont de l’initiation à l’informatique et à Internet à la maîtrise de logiciels tels que Photoshop, en passant par Word, Excel et Powerpoint pour débutants. Depuis 2010, le Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat propose également au sein d’un échantillon de communes un cycle de formation destiné à familiariser les adultes avec l’administration publique en ligne et plus particulièrement le portail administratif A la fin de la formation, les citoyens sont en mesure de réaliser leurs démarches administratives intégralement via Internet.
Are there special programmes targeting employees (especially older workers and SMEs)? Yes Luxembourg Chamber of Employees together with Luxembourg Engineers Association supports the continuous development of ICT skills through the use of structured training and certification programmes, respecting the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Foundation guidelines.
Is ICT being integrated in classroom teaching and vocational training? Yes Since the late 90’s, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Luxembourg has tried to implement its strategy for developing e-skills amongst all of its school population. This implementation focuses mainly on: integrating the promotion of e-skills into the national curricula/syllabi: - At fundamental school level (ages 8-11): competence descriptors for the cycles 3-4 have been put together ; they will be trialled and finalized in 2012/2013. - At secondary school level (ages 13 upwards): a draft of competence descriptors for the lower levels of secondary school will be ready by June 2012 as for the upper levels, this work is meant to be done by January 2013. In both cases, a trialling period of 12 months is scheduled before finally embedding the descriptors into the national curricula/syllabi. A media portal for all kinds of electronic needs within the school fields has existed since 2000, i.e. “”. This portal gives teachers and students access to educational and general information (newspapers, encyclopeadias, …) as well as allowing them to perform a number of actions electronically (online learning, online testing and evaluation, mail exchanges). key word:
Are there programms offering ICT skills trainings in telecentres, public libraries and other informal environments? Yes see point 3. above

Other initiatives:

1. Luxembourg's 2012 edition of the annual Student’s Fair (November, 15&16, 2012, Luxexpo) will be dedicated to ICT studies and jobs. All the ICT businesses participating at the fair in order to share their passion about ICT and inform the students about job opportunities will be gathered, with their own booth, in one central place at the fair. The size of the booth will be dependent on the total number of participants. What’s more, a list with potential internship opportunities (paid or not, and without any engagement on behalf of the business of course) will be made available to interested students. There is also a possibility to hold a presentation at the fair regarding the jobs involved in your business. 2. The Governments makes ongoing efforts to monitor existing and potential e-Skills offer in its e-Skills repertory:

External contribution

A. Luxembourg Government is regularly updating its e-Skills repertory; as part of its national e-skills strategy: eSkills are one of the key elements of Luxembourg’s Digital Agenda and more generally of the Luxembourg Government ICT program 2009-2014. Focus is made on ICT practitioners’ skills and e-Business skills, as well as digital literacy for all citizens. B. Luxembourg's November 2012 Student fair will be dedicated to ICT qualifications and skills.
Reported by Claudine Kariger (Media and communications department of the Ministry of State) - 3 Oct 2012

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