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Member States to ensure that Points of Single Contact function as fully fledged eGovernment centres

Indicator Status Evidence
Does the Point of Single Contact cover all the services foreseen in the Service Directive? Yes The services covered by the PSC cover most of the services foreseen by the Services Directive.
Can all the administrative processes be done through the Point of Single Contact? No The PSC can handle most of the licensing requirements to set up business in Malta as set out by the Services Directive. The PSC can also handle other administrative processes which go beyond the Services Directive. These include but are not limited to the VAT registration; application for an income tax number and other. However, the list of administrative processes, might not be comprehensive to cover all possible business scenarios.
Does the PSC facilitate cross-border provision of services? - The PSC does not distinguish between establishment and cross-border provision of services. The PSC provides the necessary information relating to what is required to set up business in Malta, together with the necessary on-line processes required.
Have you measured the reduction of costs and time to setup a business by using the PSC? -

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