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Member States to agree a common list of key cross-border public services

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Have you identified priority key cross-border public services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes The subject of defining a concrete list of cross-border services has already been brought up in the Ministerial eGovernment Conference, Poznań (Poland), November 2011. The topic is clearly of importance and Malta will continue to support actions to clarify the approach which needs to be taken to strengthen the single market. The services which, in our view, need to be considered are the following: • E-Procurement: This is already a very well defined public service and its importance has been on the agenda ever since the Ministerial Conference on eGovernment, Manchester (UK), November 2005. • Mobility of businesses: In the context of the current economic climate, it is essential that Europe facilitates the opening/operation of businesses and professional activities beyond the entrepreneur’s country of residence. Since the processes involved are very different across Member States, Europe needs to continue to concentrate on simplifying procedures at a national level, removing barriers to cross-border trade and agree on the common set of stages to open/operate a business across borders such that success can be quantitatively measured in the appropriate studies and benchmarks. • Mobility of Citizens: Similarly to “mobility of businesses”, this is a very complex life situation and can only be measured successfully if a common set of stages experienced by people moving across borders can be defined. Certainly this needs to be linked with important situations in a European citizen’s life (e.g. studying, working, raising a family). Malta has reiterated its position on the priority key cross-border public services at: • The Digital Agenda High Level Group meeting of 28 February 2012 • The Telecommunications Council of Telecoms Ministers meeting of 8 June 2012
Have you agreed/committed by 2011 on a common list of key cross-border services that correspond to well defined needs? No At Ministerial Roundtable in Poznan in November 2011, 5 key cross-border services were identified. Agreement with Member States planned for the second half of 2012.
Have you implemented or do you have concrete plans to implements cross-border services? Yes Malta will implement cross-border services according to its community commitments, and based on the success of the community to realise the appropriate tools to facilitate it. Malta is, to this end, actively involved in SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross- Border Services), e-Codex (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange) and EPSOS (the European eHealth Project).

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