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Member States to implement European Interoperability Framework

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Do you have a National Interoperability Framework? Yes The Netherlands has put in place a National Interoperability Framework, called Nederlandse Overheid Referentie Architectuur (NORA). The latest version of NORA is version 3.0. Currently steps are being taken to develop NORA 4.0. See:
Have public administrations aligned their national interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework? Yes The National Interoperability Framework is strongly aligned with the European Interoperability Framework. See:
Does your National Interoperability Framework take into account the European dimension of public service delivery? Yes NORA stresses the importance of public services and the interaction between public administrations in different Member States. The policy framework also makes reference to alignment with other EU initiatives such as the INSPIRE Directive, European Digital Library, e-Skills, patient records, etc. See:

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External contributions are more than welcome. If you would like to share with us a country, regional or local-level initiative relevant for this DAE action, you can do it via the online form.