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Member States to develop national broadband plans

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Do you have a National Broadband Plan which specifies a set of measurable broadband targets or will you have such a plan in place before 31st December 2012? No The Netherlands has translated the EU digital Agenda into a National Digital Agenda: Within this agenda the national policy on broadband is specified. There is no separate plan on broadband, but it is integrated in the national digital agenda. In this agenda it is noted that 90% of the Dutch households already has access to minimum 100 Mbps. Thanks to the national coverage of satellite and/or a mobile network 100% of the Dutch population has access to a broadband network. In conclusion: the Netherlands has already fully reached the EU targets with regard to broadband. The Dutch policy is mainly focused on maintaining the dynamic character of the broadband market where fierce competition between the incumbent’s copper network and the cable networks exists. Therefore a broadband market monitor has been set up and a guidebook for municipalities and provinces has been developed to ensure investment in broadband networks is not blocked by any unnecessary red tape.
Does the Plan meet the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe target for 100% broadband coverage by 2013? No The targets set by the European Commission’s Digital Agenda regarding 100% coverage by 2013 have already been met in the Netherlands.
Does the Plan meet the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe target for 100% coverage over 30Mbps by 2020? No 98% of the Dutch households already have access to networks as fast as 30Mbps.
Does the Plan meet the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe target for 50% of households to have subscriptions over 100 Mbps by 2020? - Already approximately 90% of the households have access to ultra fast broadband (>100Mbps) thanks to an almost nationwide coverage of cable or HFC Docsis 3.0
Have supportive measures been introduced to support the achievement of National Broadband Plan targets? No Discussions are ongoing at provincial level on the possibilities for public support for the deployment of broadband networks towards the last 2% of Dutch households without access to a network. Their connections are now limited to satellite and/or mobile networks delivering a maximum of only 6 Mbps.

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