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Action 66 in Netherlands flag Netherlands

Member States to promote long-term e-skills and digital literacy policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Does an explicit strategy document exist? Yes The Netherlands has a combined programme aimed at digital skills and digital security. The digital skills side has an action programme and strategy board. Also,In the Netherlands the Taskforce eSkills expects to have a large shortage of people with ICT skills.
Is there funding for digital literacy/e-skills projects and programmes (including EU funding)? Yes The programme 'Digivaardig en digibewust' supports projects by third parties with financial means. Projects on e-Skills are also funded from the European Social Fund in the Netherlands (e.g.
Are there special programmes encouraging women, older workers ethnic minorities and other target groups to use ICT? Yes The programme 'Digivaardig en digibewust', the government’s second main action plan sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is a public private partnership with several public, private and civil society partners, focussing on the fight against social exclusion by means of promoting e-skills (digital literacy in the notion of this report) and establishing a regular dialogue between the relevant stakeholders. (See also the Evaluation of the implementation of the Communication of the European Commission, e-Skills for the 21st century, 2010)
Are there special programmes targeting employees (especially older workers and SMEs)? Yes The programme ‘Digitale Vaardigheden Beroepsbevolking’ (Digital Skills for professionals) contains targeted actions concerning: • Research into the importance of relation between eSkills and work as well as innovation (2012) • Impact Assessments on the importance of eSkills for three topsectors (2011-2012) • Implementation of the European Compentence Framework (ECF) and it’s use by businesses, public sector and education institutions. (2012) • Defining concepts for eSkills in line with EU considerations (2012) • Action plan eSkills for SMEs (2012) • Digital ‘internships’ (digistage) for employees (2012-2013) • Action plan for eSkills to improve the employability of disadvantaged groups. See also:
Is ICT being integrated in classroom teaching and vocational training? Yes The programme ‘Digitale Vaardigheden Beroepsbevolking’ (Digital Skills for professionals) contains targeted actions concerning: • Improve innovation in education through Kennisnet, especially enhancing eSkills of teachers • Integrate with the covenant of the government and private sector for the improvement of literacy of adults and the contribution that eSkills can provide for employees. See also:
Are there programms offering ICT skills trainings in telecentres, public libraries and other informal environments? Yes Kennisnet is an online platform where teachers and students share knowledge, a focus is placed on enhancing eSkills through the platform.

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