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Member States to implement Malmö and Granada declarations

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Does your legislation encourage the use of open specifications and common standards across public administrations? Yes Belgium was the first European Union member State to formally adopt open standards in the Federal Government. Open standards are generally treated by declarations of general policy and more accurately in a note approved by the Council of Ministers from 2004/06/25. The law of 2005/09/01 mentions that protocols and formats of communications and information system savings (Phenix) are exclusively based on open standards. Open standards are promoted by BELGIF.
Does your legislation encourage interoperability between public administrations? Yes The Federal Government – in close co-operation with the Regions and the Communities – created an interoperability framework, BELGIF, and developed an ICT security infrastructure supporting the Belgian electronic ID card solution. Public institutions can use the BELGIF recommendations when implementing e-government services, but they are not obliged to do so. Belgium also set up the website “” which allows citizens to access all their data managed by the Belgian public services. The access process is easy thanks to the citizen’s eID. This is a “single sign on” portal which means that citizens don’t have to log every time they go to another public service application (Tax-on-Web; Police-on-Web, etc.).
Are you using open source software? Yes Belgium uses a lot of Linux, Apache and MySQL servers, some administrations install OpenOffice and Firefox. Many websites are using the open source WCMS Drupal. Fedict also writes open source eID-components, these components can be found on and (for instance: and

Other initiatives:

There is an unofficial user group of public servants using open source (

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