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Member States to set up national alert platforms

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the Member State set up a national alert platform? Yes The Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) at the Belgian Federal Police manages the Belgian online reporting service eCops ( where internet users can report offences committed on or through the Internet. The reportings are sent to the back office of the competent service, either the Federal Police itself or the Federal Department of Economy.
Does it serve as a one-stop-shop for the public who can play an active role in reporting illicit online activity? No The actual goal of eCops is to give the public the opportunity to report offences they witnessed on the internet. So that the police could verify and evaluate the illicit online activities and (if necessary) dispatch to other police departments. For instance, reported crimes on internet fraud or hacking are handled by the FCCU itself or transferred to the RCCUs (Regional Computer Crime Units), while reports on internet child abuse pornography are sent to the central unit of human trafficking. Too often Internet users mistakenly believe eCops to be an online service where they can lodge a complaint for an offence they have been victim of, but in fact they have to go to the local police to file a complaint. As an increasing number of people use this contact point as such, it has become hard to effectively manage the workload because victims who lodge complaints on eCops must each time be referred to the local police station.
Does it compile statistics on alerts, thus tracking the development of cybercrime at national level? Yes Every year, the statistics of the online reporting service are published in the annual report of the Economic and financial directorate of the Federal judicial police. The evolution of the figures is shown and new trends are being detected.

Best Practice Case

We have an agreement with ChildFocus who transfers information – in an anonymous way – to eCops. ChildFocus is recognized as a reliable partner in the combat against child abuse.

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