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Member States to include specifications for total lifetime costs for public lighting in public procurement

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Are there national specifications public procurement for energy efficient lighting, through implementation of the Directive 2006/32/EC? Yes The Federal buyers must respect the circular P&O/DO/1 of 27 January 2005. Implementation of the sustainable development policy in public procurement of supplies launched by awarding authorities of the federal government that belong to the classic sectors (Belgian Official Gazette, 4 February 2005, pp. 3689-91). Internet site The Federal action “sustainable public procurement” 2009-2011 planed the revision of the circular in view of its update with the current policy framework, regulation and armamentarium. The Flemish Region The policy on sustainable public procurements in Flanders falls under the authority of the Minister President. The region has a Flemish action plan for sustainable public procurement developed for the period 2009 – 2011. With respect to legal instruments reference can be made to: - Circular concerning the use, acquisition and disposal of service vehicles: (DVO/BZ/P&O/2008/11) - Circular concerning the accessibility of websites (any surfer standard): (DVO/BZ/P&O/2008/2bis) The Brussels Capital Region: The policy for sustainable public procurements for the Brussels Capital Region can be found in the circular on the inclusion of ecological and sustainable development criteria in public procurement […] The Walloon Region: In 2009 the government of the Walloon Region approved three circulars. This concerns: - Circular on the use of environmentally friendly lubricants in hydraulic installations of the watercourses in the Walloon Region. - Circular concerning invasive exotic species - Circular from the Walloon government concerning the purchase of photocopy and printing paper.
Are there pilot actions on energy efficient technologies (regarding lighting installations)? Yes EMAS : In order to foresee an energy efficient lighting there exist different possibilities, for example : - the purchase of energy-efficient lights - surveys on the current situation concerning lighting in order to permit re-lighting projects. Financial support for re-lighting in public buildings : FEDESCO facilitates and finances energy-efficient projetcs in Federal public buildings. Sibelga, the distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region, is leading several tests in order to check and quantify progress among new technologies such as LED or dimming. What regards dimming, two areas have been equipped with dimming systems. During the night, the luminous flow is automatically adjusted to be lower for 5 hours. After one year and half, energy savings represent approximately 15%. Furthermore, another dimming project has begun and enables to make intensity vary not only regarding the hour but also regarding the lamp’s age. What concerns LED, around ten lights have been set up in order to analyse their functioning and ageing in real conditions. After one year, it has been observed that the luminous flow decreased very little. In 2011, Sibelga explored the opportunity to light up pedestrian crossing with LED lights and with presence detector (3 pedestrian crossing are equipped). More information on:
Do specifications for public procurement of lighting installations using Life-Cycle Costing methodology exist? Yes In 2011 the FPSP Sustainable Development wrote a handbook over LCC. The aim was to encourage the buyers to implement LCC in public procurement. Some information can be found on :

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