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Use structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks

Indicator Status Evidence
Are you using structural funds to finance the roll-out of high-speed networks? Yes Deployed funds: Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013 for roll-out of high-speed networks (local government, PPP) and last mile infrastructure (SMEs and NGOs); Eastern Poland Development Programme (ERDF) - access to broadband in Eastern Poland: Broadband Network for Eastern Poland notified by the EC in 2011 (€300 million of which 255 comes from ERDF fund). Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation offers additional training and expert advice for local governments and telecom providers to facilitate the process.
Will you achieve full allocation of your ERDF funds allocated to broadband deployment by 2013? Yes 61% were allocated for April 2012 (2,75 mld PLN), all funds should be allocated by 2013.

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