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Action 10 in Portugal flag Portugal

Member States to implement laws to support the digital single market

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the Services Directive been implemented? Yes Decree-Law n.º 92/2010, 26 July
Has the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive been implemented? Yes Decree-Law n.º 57/2008, 26 March Black list of the unfair commercial practices.
Has the Telecoms Framework been implemented? Yes Law n.º 51/2011, 13 September Law n.º 46/2012, 29 August
Has the Audiovisual Media Services Directive been implemented? Yes Transposition of the Directive: Law n.º 8/2011, 11 of abril - Regulamentation and regulation concerning product-placement, telepromotion, sponsoring, pluralism, transparency, protection of minors, right of reply...
Have infringements been filed against the Member State relating to this Action? -

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