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Member States to facilitate broadband investment

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Have any measures to streamline planning or administrative procedures been introduced to improve broadband investment conditions? -
Do you have an operational national mapping of retail broadband coverage at different speeds? -
Have civil infrastructure initiatives been developed to entice new market entrants? Yes In the context of promoting NGA investment, it was published in 2009 the Decree-Law no. 123/2009 of 21 May which approved the legal regime governing construction, access and installation of electronic communications networks and infrastructure and construction of telecommunications infrastructure in housing developments, urban settlements and concentrations of buildings. This regime, governed by the general principles of competition, open access, non-discrimination, efficiency and transparency, is aimed at promoting the construction, installation and access to infrastructure suitable for the accommodation of electronic communications networks – with an approach based on technological neutrality – with respect to the property of public entities. This covers not only entities of the State, Autonomous Regions and local authorities, but also entities that are subject to the supervision or oversight thereof and which exercise administrative functions, regardless of their corporate nature, as well as public companies, concessionaires or other entities owning infrastructure installed in the public domain of the State, Autonomous Regions and local authorities. As such, a rule is established of open and non-discriminatory access to ducts, poles and other installations belonging to entities which, while operating in other sectors, are in possession of duct networks of significant importance. This regime sets outs to remove or mitigate the barriers to the construction of infrastructure for the accommodation of electronic communications networks, with provision for rules which, likewise, facilitate the coordination of underground works, including with respect to the obligation to give prior notice of the execution of works which allow for the construction or infrastructure suitable for the accommodation of electronic communications networks and the obligation to allow other companies of this sector to associate themselves with this intervention. The Decree-Law no. 123/2009 of 21 May establishes also a centralised information system (SIC) that aims to ensure the availability of information on all infrastructures suitable for carrying electronic communications networks. For that, the SIC will bring together all record information and all information on the procedures and rules governing the construction of new ducts and access to existing ducts. Plans to build new infrastructure will also be published in the SIC, so that operators can become involved in these projects on a cost sharing basis. Within the context of NGA promotion and the use of civil engineering infrastructure which is already constructed for installing new optical fibre networks, the availability of a ducts access reference offer (since July 2006) and a masts access reference offer (since the end of 2010) has gained importance. And the availability of the last offer contributes for the enlargement of NGA coverage as it promotes the widespread use of masts, namely in rural areas.
Has the digital dividend spectrum (790 - 862MHz) been repurposed for mobile broadband and assigned to operators? Yes Please see the relevant documentation on

Best Practice Case

ICP-ANACOM has made available the 450 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2,1 GHz and 2,6 GHz frequency bands for applications in the context of terrestrial electronic communication services and networks, in accordance with the principles of neutrality, in terms of technology and services.

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