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Member States to agree a common list of key cross-border public services

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Have you identified priority key cross-border public services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes We have several e-services that correspond to well defined needs. The Portuguese participation on several large scale pilots is a clear evidence of that effort and commitment. On the other hand, side by side with the eGovernment benchmark operation, a more deep analysis at national level is underway, involving several public institutions. As soon as an agreement is reached at European level, Portugal is very well prepared to start to implement a cross border approach on several services.
Have you agreed/committed by 2011 on a common list of key cross-border services that correspond to well defined needs? No There isn't an agreement by now at european level in these domains.
Have you implemented or do you have concrete plans to implements cross-border services? No By now, the cross border services that is being implemented relates to the point of single contact foreseen within the services directive. As to the others, having in mind that we recognize the importance of a European agreement for cross border services, we are still waiting for an agreement so at national level those cross-boarder services can be fully implemented.

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