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Member States to implement harmful content alert hotlines

Indicator Status Evidence
Is there a fully implemented hotline in the Member State? Yes
Is this hotline supported by law-enforcement? Yes • The New Law of Education no.1/2011 stipulates in Art 14 (1) that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports designs and applies national strategies in education, in consultation with associations representing teachers, parents association, structures representing the National Council of Rectors, associative structures of universities and schools, the National Minority Council, the representative trade unions in education, the representative students associations, the authorities of public administration, business and financing NGOs which support educational programs / federations of social service providers. (2) The State encourages the development of the public-private partnership
Are there awareness raising campaigns on online safety for children organised in the Member States? Yes • There are several campaigns on online safety organized by the MERYS, the school inspectorates and its projects partners • Over the years, Knowledge Economy Project local staff have raised the problem of online safety for children and other vulnerable target groups
Has the Member State taught online safety in schools? Yes • ICT is in the core curriculum for higher secondary school. Within the ICT subject there are topics dedicated to online safety. • The Online Guidelines e-learning regarding online safety within the project ”Partners for Education” has been taught in schools.
Has the Member State encouraged providers of online services to implement self-regulatory measures regarding online safety for children? Yes • Educational partnerships: • SEI - IT based Education System, • Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (MECTS) - SIVECO ROMÂNIA • MECTS -MICROSOFT ROMÂNIA • iTech Project, Partners for Education • MECTS - INTEL • Oracle Academy • ThinkQuest – 21st Century Skills • MECTS - ORACLE ROMÂNIA • NGO Save the Children project within the Saferinternet project, co-funded by the EU • Structural European funds: POSDRU projects • (KEP’s online platform)

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