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Member States to set up national alert platforms

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the Member State set up a national alert platform? Yes • As ruled in the GD 494/2011, all cyber security incidents must be reported/collected using the System for Early Warning and Real-Time Notification on Cyber Incidents, managed by CERT-RO in cooperation with other Romanian institutions which have cyber security in their responsibility, such as Romanian Intelligence Service and Special Telecommunication Service.
Does it serve as a one-stop-shop for the public who can play an active role in reporting illicit online activity? Yes • CERT-RO has an e-mail address, ( that serves as one-stop-shop for the public who wants to report illicit online activity. In the near future, inside the CERT-RO, having the support of the National Cyberint Center, there will be available a portal for reporting cyber incidents and also there will be a 365/24/7 cyber response capability.
Does it compile statistics on alerts, thus tracking the development of cybercrime at national level? Yes • At national level, there are databases with collected security policies breach events, managed in cooperation by CERT-RO and the National Cyberint Center, from which statistics on alerts related to cyber-attacks are compiled.

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