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Action 27 in Slovenia flag Slovenia

Member States to implement Malmö and Granada declarations

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Does your legislation encourage the use of open specifications and common standards across public administrations? Yes Open specifications as referred to in the EIF v2.0: specifications that conform with the principles of openness: 1) All stakeholders have the same possibility of contributing to the development of the specification and public review is part of the decision-making process; 2) The specification is available for everybody to study; Intellectual property rights related to the specification are licensed on FRAND terms or on a royalty-free basis in a way that allows implementation in both proprietary and open source software” (p. 26 of EIF v2.0, see: "> ) Common standards as referred to in the EIF v2.0: standards pursuant to EU Directive 98/34 (see p.24 of EIF v2.0, see: "> )
Does your legislation encourage interoperability between public administrations? Yes A set of legal acts has been institutionalized on the area of elec-tronic commerce, such as infrastructure, equality between paper documents and electronic documents, electronic signatures, administrative procedures and accessibility of public information.
Are you using open source software? Yes At present the open source software is mainly on the servers sides. Government data center which is managed by Ministry of justice and public administration provides clouds (PAAS, SAAS) for web and application hosting environment for ministries, government bodies/institutions and public administrations. The majority of the infrastructure uses open source systems, application and web environments. Linux is the main deployment OS and Java is main development platform, followed closely by PHP runtime based LAMP solution. Technical guidelines (GTZ, in Slovene Generične Tehnološke Zahteve) for software houses which are involved in the application/information systems development are guided to prefer using open source components over traditional proprietary software. There were some attempts, but open source has not yet found a way to desktop computers in the Slovenian public administration. A bright exception in this area is the judicial system, because in most desktops in court use OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird already since 2006 and 2007. Other examples include the city of Ljubljana's public health organization and its public transport organisation.

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