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Action 41 in Slovenia flag Slovenia

Member States to set up national alert platforms

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the Member State set up a national alert platform? Yes Criminal acts or criminal misdemeanors carried out by or within the cyberspace are in competence of the Slovene Police. In 2010 the Slovene Police established the Computer Investigation Center within the Criminal Police Directorate. The Computer Investigation Center is responsible for investigating cybercrime cases and supports other units of the Police in their investigatation procedures. It closely cooperates with Europol, the SI-CERT, SAFE.SI and Spletno oko, especially in exchanging information about cybercrime criminal acts. The Computer Investigation Center works closely with the newly established EC3 (Europol cybercrime platform) within their competences and serves also as a 24/7 contact point for the CoE Cybercrime Convention. For the cooperation with the EC3 no new adaptation were needed.
Does it serve as a one-stop-shop for the public who can play an active role in reporting illicit online activity? Yes SI-CERT, SAFE.SI and Spletno oko are serving for reporting other illicit online activities that are not criminal acts. The Computer Investigation Center within the Criminal Police Directorate cooperates with SI-CERT and Spletno oko and is actively involved in recognizing illicit online activities.
Does it compile statistics on alerts, thus tracking the development of cybercrime at national level? Yes The Slovenian Police compile statistics every year in special report that is also available for public. One of the tasks of the Computer Investigation Center is also tracking/monitoring cybercrime trends and new modus operandi at national and international level.

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