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Action 67 in Slovenia flag Slovenia

Member states to implement provisions on disability in Telecoms Framework and AVMS

Indicator Status Evidence
Were the Telecoms Framework and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS) implemented? Yes
Were the disability provisions in Telecoms Framework implemented? Yes In force is the new Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 109/12; ECA-1) that transposed the Telecoms Framework, including the disabilty provisions: According to the ECA-1 the Decree on measures for disabled end-users (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 92/10) that was previously notified as a measure of partial transposition is also still in use:
Were the disability provisions in AVMS directive implemented? Yes Disability provisions of the AVMS directive are implemented within the article 11 of the Audiovisual Media Services Law. Article refers to Article 4(3) of the Mass Media Act that obliges Republic of Slovenia to provide funding for creation and dissemination of programs for the blind and deaf-mute in adapted techniques, and the development of appropriate technical infrastructure. Special provisions are also contained within the Article 4 (1), 9th indent of the Radiotelevizija Slovenija Act (Official Gazette of Republic of Slovenia, No. 96/2005). Radiotelevizija Slovenija (public broadcaster) provides subtitling and sign language for hearing impaired and some features for sight impaired - zooming of text services and voice text service.
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