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Action 74 in Slovenia flag Slovenia

Member States to include specifications for total lifetime costs for public lighting in public procurement

Indicator Status Evidence
Are there national specifications public procurement for energy efficient lighting, through implementation of the Directive 2006/32/EC? No
Are there pilot actions on energy efficient technologies (regarding lighting installations)? Yes Open tender for co-financing operations for energy efficient renewal of public lighting for the 2001-2013 period.
Do specifications for public procurement of lighting installations using Life-Cycle Costing methodology exist? No In 2011 the Decree on Green public Procurement (Official Gazette no. 102/11, 18/12 and 24/12) was adopted. The decree determines mandatory green criteria for public procurement of 11 product groups and services. Although the decree does not include green criteria for lighting yet, this is envisaged to be one the next amendments of the decree.

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