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Member States to make eGovernment services fully interoperable

Indicator Status Evidence
Does the Member State have a National Interoperability Framework? Yes Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad (2010) is a Royal Decree (4/2010) which develops provisions about interoperability stated in the eGovernment Law (11/2007) and is applicable to all public administrations in Spain
Have public administrations aligned their national interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework? Yes Spain is fully aligned with the EIF on the ‘Governance’ and the ‘Principles’. It has a good alignment on the ‘Conceptual Model’, and the ‘interoperability levels’ and ‘Interoperability Agreements’.
Does the NIF take into account the European dimension of public service delivery? Yes Due to the active participation of Spain in the ISA Group, the NIF is an early alignment with the European Interoperability Framework and takes into account the European dimension of public service delivery. More practical alignment is foreseen as it will be needed in the future for the development of cross-border services.
Is IPv6 supported? Yes Spain is active part of the GEN6 project (CIP 2011). Some pilot deployments of IPv6 in SARA is under study within the GEN6. Spain has developed in 2011 a comprehensive plan for the promotion of IPv6 deployments.

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