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Member States to implement Malmö and Granada declarations

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Does your legislation encourage the use of open specifications and common standards across public administrations? Yes As evidenced in Action 26, the UK Government ICT Strategy (published March 2011) sets outs the intention to achieve “interoperability enabled by open standards”. The adoption and use of common standards can make ICT solutions fully interoperable to allow for reuse, sharing and scalability across organisational boundaries into local delivery chains and, by aligning frameworks and strategies with those commonly agreed at a European level, improve the way Member States work across borders. HM Government Open Standards Consultation pages ( note that "The UK policy on open standards for software interoperability, data and document formats is therefore intended to complement the European Interoperability Framework and supports its principle of openness to enable fair competition between open source and proprietary software". The results of the consultation are being analysed and will be published in due course.
Does your legislation encourage interoperability between public administrations? Yes See above - The ICT Strategy also sets out a new approach of creating a common ICT infrastructure to deliver the modern public services which citizens and businesses expect. Progress was against milestones in the strategy was published in the recent One Year On report: mmon-ICT-infrastructure
Are you using open source software? Yes The ICT Strategy sets out an aim to create a level playing field for open source software and introduce open standards, starting with interoperability and security. The new site is being developed on these principles - as was the e-petitions site (

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