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Member States to double annual public spending on ICT research and development

Indicator Status Evidence
Have your ICT R&D expenditure risen by 10% or more per annum in public spending in last 3 available years? No Norwegian research barometer: Norwegian research barometer,
Is ICT R&D a dedicated area in your Research and Development programme (either as a separate programme or a part of general R&D programme)? Yes The Norwegian research council has a separate program for ICT, VERDIKT: ICT is covered in the general government white paper on research, but a separate reserach strategy for ICT is currently being developed.
Has the total ICT R&D spending (private and public) risen by 10% per annum in the last 3 available years? No Norwegian research barometer, In addition to the numbers here, we have more recent figures wich indicate a growth in private sector R&D fraom 2009 til 2010 of about 6 per cent.
Have the number of ICT researchers grown by at least 10% per annum in the last available 3 years? No We do not have statistics regarding the numbers engaged in research, but we see a slight decline in Phd-candidates over the pas years. This should indicate a similar development for researchers.
Are there targeted allocations of Structural Funds on ICT R&D? No

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