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Action 68 in Norway flag Norway

Member States to mainstream eLearning in national policies

Indicator Status Evidence
Is e-learning present in national programmes and action plans? Yes The use of ICT tools/eLearning tools is present in the guidelines for teacher education in Norway. Digital skills and the use of mutlimedia technology and the internet is one of five core competencies in Norwegian primary and secondary education. NDLA (National Digital Learning Arena) is a library of elearning tools targering upper secondary schools. eCampus is a Norwegian program to support education and research, to build communities working together without the limits of time, distance and geography
Is e-learning present in national curricula? Yes National curriculum 2006, includes digital skills as one of five core competencies.
Are there training initiatives (for teachers, enterprises) using eLearning tools on the national level? Yes Some, e.g. Vox,"Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning" an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.
Are there dissemination initiatives for awareness raising in place? Yes The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education work to promote the use of ICT in education. The centre is funded by the Ministry for Education and Research.
Are there national projects on creative classrooms and creative learning environments in place? Yes Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education has projects on this (e.g. iTech and a virtual math-school)

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External contributions are more than welcome. If you would like to share with us a country, regional or local-level initiative relevant for this DAE action, you can do it via the online form.