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Member States to facilitate broadband investment

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Have any measures to streamline planning or administrative procedures been introduced to improve broadband investment conditions? Yes Regarding planning measures or administrative procedures to improve the conditions for broadband investment, in accordance with the regulatory framework review in the field of electronic communications in 2014, Directive 2014/61/ЕU of 15 May 2014 was adopted on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks. In line with its article 13, its provisions are to be transposed into member-states’ legislations until 01.01.2016, CRC will also apply the new Recommendation 2013/466/ЕС of the EC regarding coordinated obligations of non-discrimination and methodologies to define costs, in order to promote competition and improve investment environment in broadband structures.
Do you have an operational national mapping of retail broadband coverage at different speeds? Yes In 2014, a survey was carried out aimed at the creation of a national map of existing and planned infrastructure for high-speed and ultra-high-speed Internet access. The first maps with information on the penetration of high-speed and ultra-high speed Internet in Bulgaria have been prepared by a team of MTITC and are available at the following link: In addition, a map was created reflecting places called "White areas": An information will be added on the characteristics of the level NUTS2, economic profile, penetration rates, access speed, etc. The data collected will assist the planning of measures for the development of high-speed Internet access, especially in areas at risk of so-called "Digital exclusion".
Have civil infrastructure initiatives been developed to entice new market entrants? No Civil infrastructure initiatives to attract new market entrants have not been developed.
Has the digital dividend spectrum (790 - 862MHz) been repurposed for mobile broadband and assigned to operators? No The digital dividend spectrum has not been repurposed for mobile broadband connectivity and it has not been assigned to operators. Bulgaria has notified the European Commission that the larger part of 800 MHz band is used for the needs of defence, certain bands are used for radio broadcasting in some areas of the country, in consultation with the Ministry of Defence. That band will continue to be used for defence until the phasing out of existing communication systems.

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