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Member States to ensure that Points of Single Contact function as fully fledged eGovernment centres

Indicator Status Evidence
Does the Point of Single Contact cover all the services foreseen in the Service Directive? Yes In 2013-2014, by a project of MTITC under OPAC along with the active cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Energy a completely new portal was developed to perform the functions of a Point of Single Contact (PSC) in Bulgaria. On the PSC portal information about 550 administrative services is uploaded – not only regarding the services covered by the Service Directive but also about other services, beyond its scope.
Can all the administrative processes be done through the Point of Single Contact? Yes Partially administrative processes are being implemented through the Point of Single Contact. Point of Single Contact contains complete information on the administrative services of competent authorities that fall within the scope of the Service Directive. PSC enables stakeholders to request and perform online necessary administrative procedures, as well as to send and receive necessary documents fully electronic.
Does the PSC facilitate cross-border provision of services? Yes The cross-border provision of services is partially ensured through the website of PSC with the published information. All received applications to the help desk are arranged and answered via the feed back form on the portal of Point single contact. Some technical functionalities of the portal are not fully operational because they bound and depend on the common systems and resources of e-governance in Bulgaria. The progress toward facilitating cross-border provision of services is closely related to the progress in building and connecting the common resources and systems which would develop functional e-Government.
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