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Action 67 in Switzerland flag Switzerland

Member states to implement provisions on disability in Telecoms Framework and AVMS

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Were the Telecoms Framework and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMS) implemented? No Switzerland has a 'horizontal law on equality' (; it establishes general principles ( applicable to all sectors, incl. public transport (, telecom, TV and others. The Federal Bureau for Equality of People with Disabilities, FBED ( may suggest improvements in particular sectors and facilitate measures, including financing of innovative projects to improve equality of persons with disabilities. Swiss administration and those fulfilling public tasks of the Confederation (Post, Railways…) have tighter accessibility rules. Swiss administration publishes guidance, e.g. for barrier-free websites (, mobility for disabled (, others.
Were the disability provisions in Telecoms Framework implemented? No Free telephony relay services [RS] are in telecom Universal Service [US] (Telecom Act [specially art.16, §1bis] and further legislation); they are financed from the overall income of this sector; Swisscom [] is the US licensed provider and Procom [] is the organiza-tion to whom relay services are subcontracted; other Service providers offer free access to RS. A trial video telephony relay service started in 2011 to probably be integrated later in the USO [Universal Service Obligation] concept. Summarizing, part of the telecom USO are o Accessible public payphones o Accessible directories for blind and mobility impaired o SMS – relay services for deaf and hard of hearing people
Were the disability provisions in AVMS directive implemented? No The Swiss Radio and Television Act (RTVA) (specially art.7, §3 and art.24, §3 requires relevant content providers to support o Captioning/ Subtitling o Sign language o Audio description Relevant telecom providers must (according RTVA and RTV Ordinance in art.46 distribute above services (RTVA re-quirement above) SRG/SSR (the national content provider, insures national public service. Also here the costs of accessibility are covered by all citizens using the services.
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