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Action 89 in Switzerland flag Switzerland

Member States to make eGovernment services fully interoperable

Indicator Status Evidence
Does the Member State have a National Interoperability Framework? Yes No document could be identified with such a designation (NIF) but the document ‘L'avenir des réseaux d’infrastructure nationaux en Suisse’ (the future of national infrastructure networks, available on the national languages, German, French and Italian, not in English) is available on the internet, covers the main national infrastructures development strategy and the experts working on it widely consulted the recommendations here designated as European Interoperability Framework.
Have public administrations aligned their national interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework? Yes It can be said globally yes (see answer 1), but, since the domain covered is extremely wide and the detailed application of the measures imply a great amount of specific national measures, it is nearly impossible to bring evidence that there is a fully detailed alignment.
Does the NIF take into account the European dimension of public service delivery? Yes It is hard for the Swiss infrastructures not to take into account the European dimension of public service delivery, but the 'NIF' document focus mainly in measures to be taken within Switzerland. It is suggested to consult the above cited web address or consult the document in pdf format (easy to find by searching the title on the internet). The example of the ICT sector shows how Switzerland cooperates closely with the EU and particularly with the neighbor countries.
Is IPv6 supported? Yes As per End of 2012 ~80% of the ISP's in Switzerland support IPv6 as says the Dashboard of the Swiss IPv6 Council

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