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Member States to implement Malmö and Granada declarations

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Does your legislation encourage the use of open specifications and common standards across public administrations? No The promotion and implementation of Information Systems within the public sector is done by the Department of Information Technology Services (DITS). Specific architecture guidelines, preferred technologies and standards (might include open specifications and common standards) are included in the tender documents when requesting the development/procurement of an Information System.
Does your legislation encourage interoperability between public administrations? No However, DITS is in the process of revising the Information Systems Strategy (ISS). The aim is to refine the strategy for achieving the Cyprus Government objectives up to 2015 for productivity and growth whilst being in line with the EU policies and directives. Within the scope of this project a National eGovernment Interoperability Framework will be developed based on the guidance provided by the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).
Are you using open source software? Yes Open Source software is mostly used for DITSʼ internal development purposes (e.g. DotNetNuke, PostgreSQL). In addition, open-source software is used in employeesʼ daily operations, e.g. phpScheduleIt - an Open Source web-based reservation and scheduling system, Mozilla Firefox - free and open source web browser, MySql - open source relational database management system.

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