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Member States to facilitate broadband investment

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Have any measures to streamline planning or administrative procedures been introduced to improve broadband investment conditions? Yes We encourage market forces to invest in broadband infrastructure by providing the right incentives. These are: regulatory certainty, respect of technology neutrality, promotion of the cooperation between the providers of electronic communications services, stimulation of demand and close monitoring of the progress.
Do you have an operational national mapping of retail broadband coverage at different speeds? No This is part of the development work currently carried out for the Electronic Communications Market Observatory that OCECPR maintains. It is expected that by the end of the year an interactive map interface providing information on broadband coverage and penetration, type of networks present, services available and demographics (population, number of households, disposable income etc) will be made publicly available. The necessary provisions are present in the OCECPR budget 2012 and the approach is in line with the work carried out at other European observatories through OCECPR’s participation in the ‘ONE’ project (European Observatories knowledge dissemination program sponsored by EU [Intereg] funds).
Have civil infrastructure initiatives been developed to entice new market entrants? Yes Secondary legislation on ‘rights of way’ and ‘co-location’.
Has the digital dividend spectrum (790 - 862MHz) been repurposed for mobile broadband and assigned to operators? No The frequency plan was amended during 2010, in order to implement European Commission Decision 2010/267/EU on harmonised technical conditions of use in the 790-862 MHz frequency band for terrestrial systems capable of providing electronic communications services in the European Union. However, Cyprus is encountering significant spectrum issues in making the 800 MHz band available for wireless broadband services in accordance with abovementioned Decision. From field strength measurements performed in areas of the Republic of Cyprus controlled by its Government, it was established that 2/3 of the band (48 MHz of the available 72 MHz) is illegally used by Turkey in the occupied part of Cyprus, by high power analogue TV transmitters. This adverse situation, does not allow the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus to make the 800 MHz band available in accordance to Commission Decision 2010/267/EU. Therefore, our intention is to prepare derogation according to the Article 6.4 of the RSPP.

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