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Member States to ensure that Points of Single Contact function as fully fledged eGovernment centres

Indicator Status Evidence
Does the Point of Single Contact cover all the services foreseen in the Service Directive? Yes The PSC Cyprus portal provides information and assistance on all procedures and formalities needed for the access to and exercise of service activities that fall within the scope of the Services Directive, based on the screening phase conducted by the legal service, including the horizontal procedures related to the establishment of a business.
Can all the administrative processes be done through the Point of Single Contact? No The electronic completion of procedures is gradually being implemented. Currently, through the PSC Cyprus Portal, online submission of application forms as well as tracking of ongoing administrative procedures, is provided to registered users for some procedures and formalities related to the establishment of a business, such as Taxpayerʼs Registration or Social Insurance Scheme Registration, to the access to and exercise of service activities, such as the operation of a catering establishment or the engineering science practice, and to the temporary provision of services across border, such as the temporary cross-border provision of veterinarian services.
Does the PSC facilitate cross-border provision of services? Yes Information regarding procedures and formalities related to the cross-border provision of services is provided through the PSC Cyprus. Moreover, the electronic completion of cross border provision of services is available such as the cross border provision of veterinarian services and the cross border provision of tourist guides
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