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Member States to agree a common list of key cross-border public services

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Have you identified priority key cross-border public services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes The key cross-border public services and their respective actions which have been identified will be defined in our revised Information Systems Strategy which is expected to be completed within 2013. The implementation of key cross-border public services has also been included as an action in the Cyprus Digital Strategy. Some of the key cross-border services are: Start-up and operate a business in another country, submitting tenders in another country in reply to European-wide call, Seeking and obtaining a job in another country, etc.
Have you agreed/committed by 2011 on a common list of key cross-border services that correspond to well defined needs? No At Ministerial Roundtable in Poznan in November 2011, 5 key cross-border services were identified. Agreement with Member States planned for the second half of 2012.
Have you implemented or do you have concrete plans to implements cross-border services? Yes Establishment of a Point of Single contact (PSC) which serves businesses and entrepreneurs, whether in Cyprus or in other EU Member States interested in pursuing their business aspirations in Cyprus. The portal, established as a one-stop-shop and in accordance with the EU Services Directive, provides comprehensive information relating to the procedures and formalities required for the access to, or exercise of, service activities in the country, online submission of application forms, and tracking the progress of applications submitted. Use of the eProcurement system (e-PS) thus strengthening the Internal Market by providing seamless services for businesses. e-PS is a total solution for the implementation of electronic procedures in conducting public procurement competitions. The system is compliant with the provisions of the European and Cypriot Law of public procurement.

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