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Action 56 in Denmark flag Denmark

Member States to engage in large-scale pilots financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme

Indicator Status Evidence
Do you participate in 3 or more pilot A projects? No Denmark only participates in epSOS and PEPPOL
Do you promote further deployment of CIP solutions (e.g. procurement standard, eID, etc.) in your national policies? Yes Denmarks participates in the PEPPOL project. We continue our collaboration with private service providers in order for the PEPPOL infrastructure to be as widely used as possible.

Other initiatives:

Denmark's first ever Innovation Strategy is currently being researched and finalised by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and should be completed by October 2012. HIPERFIT – a major research centre in which the research and finance sectors will unite in the effort to develop computer systems and software technology able to improve the finance sector’s ability to assess risk and price financial products. Demtech – set up to create an electronic voting system which will also establish trust with the voters. The system will be tested in the municipalities of Frederiksberg and Aarhus. NxG^GSD – concerns software development companies which are increasingly working in a global context. Researchers and the industry will collaborate to develop new technologies and new global partnerships, and the project will thus bring Danish ICT companies knowledge and tools which will significantly improve their competitiveness on the global market. WallViz – WallViz is developing a new method of analysing and processing large databases. These could e.g. be datasets of more than eight million patient consultancies which need to be analyzed. WallViz introduces interactive visualisations on large screens, providing a number of advantages in the analysis of large data sources.

External contribution

External contributions are more than welcome. If you would like to share with us a country, regional or local-level initiative relevant for this DAE action, you can do it via the online form.